15 December 2008

orange essence

Can you put a scent in an Advent Calendar? I distinctly remember birthday cards that smelt of roses when I was a child, so I suppose you can. In which case I am going to put in essence of organges - the quintessential scent of a warm kitchen in winter.

I can smell it now and with the kitchen door open it will rise up the stairs and fill the whole house. Maigret is on the radio and I'm torn between a glass of dry oloroso and a glass of whiskey just to add to the indulgence.

Tomorrow the grate will be full of ash and there will be even more dust on the mantelpiece but when it smells as lovely as this, well, quite frankly, who cares.


60 Going On 16 said...

that looks just like the Victorian kitchen range in the house where my mother grew up, close to Holloway Road. I used to visit as a child - members of my mother's family continued living there until the 1970s. And my mother told me ghastly stories about how she was made to black-lead the grate, which always sounded a very toxic sort of task.

You are so right about orange peel; I put it on top of the woodburner for a similar effect.

Hope you've recovered from your fall.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog, and wanted to say how much I'm enjoying exploring it. I feel the same way about yearning for the rural while living in the city! Love the orange peel idea.

emmat said...

And apparently, you can use it as kindling, once it is parch dry!

colleen said...

Emma - yep, you can, but only if you don't with a family of pyromaniacs who cannot wait to put the dried orange peel in the fire to see it flame up...

D - I'm glad to say that the blackleading - zebriting - is not my chore. It gets done about once a year in this house.

The knees are recovering, with minor bruises so I got off lightly!