09 December 2008

one turtle dove

All through the days leading up to Christmas there are carol singers in Trafalgar Square. I stopped off on my way home and it was the turn of the National Deaf Children's Society. This choir was a little different because they were signing to pre-recorded carols, so it was very lively, especially one very enthusiastic child in the front row, full of zest. The twelve days of Christmas was particularly energetic, as you might imagine.

Here we have one turtle dove, courtesy of my work colleague, Tim, who can sign - and has taught me one or two things.

If you have never seen a signing choir, I'd recommend you look out for one. Poetry in motion.


emmat said...

I love it! That is beautiful.

My cousin used to make us (when she was about six and very bossy) line up in a row, and each of us had to do the actions for one of the lines of that carol. I think I was geese a-laying; I looked sooooo cool as I laid those eggs...

colleen said...

I'm so glad you like it -I know that I'm going to make it to the end of the calendar now.

I love signing and quite often find myself in meetings with Tim concentrating more on his signer than on the content. I saw a deaf choir signing hymns once. It was lovely - lots of love and angels. Imagine!