18 December 2008


These lovely oxen are Irish Moiled, a rare breed, found on Mudchute Farm. Perfect for our Advent Calendar

When I was trying to find out some more about the breed, I also discovered that to moil is to slave or toil. I am pleased to say that my moiling is over for a while and I'm on holiday.

Hoo-bloomin - rah.
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emmat said...

ooooh they are nice looking cows.
But a bit 'quizzy" as our neighbour in cornwall used to say. Like - a bit nosey, the way cows will come over to find out what you are doing.
"watch out for them cows, them cows is a bit quizzy" he liked saying about one particular lot who would practically stampede you with friendly enthusiasm

colleen said...

Excellent word to describe that collective look!