21 December 2008


I was determined to have a robin post before Christmas. We knew that we might find one at the allotment and we discussed whether we might tempt them with a worm reward, but how could I sacrifice my backyard wriggly wrigglers when they have been so good to me? So we went down to the plot, turned over some soil and left a spade for them to come and pose, all part of a robin's job description as any gardener will know.

There were hundreds of magpies and pigeons but not a robin in site. It was getting cold, so we packed up and started back.

Then we heard him, up in a tree.

Singing his head off.

You might even be able to hear him on this.(No idea how to get this to turn the right way up),

It's amazing how such a little thing can make you so happy.


Anonymous said...

Love robins. One (I think it's the same one) is a regular visitor to our garden though, come to think of it, I haven't spotted it for a while. Unfortunately, one of the kitties seems to have a fondness for birds. He came home with a magpie the other night.

Anonymous said...

How I love your robin and your recording of him singing.

I love that you collected this sound as one collects an image of a pretty berry or a redolent flower when taking photos. I love the snapshot of sound and the quest to collect the sound and to photograph the bird...

It is indeed happy-making.