13 December 2008

the fragrance of excellent women

Well, I did rouse myself this morning but did not have much time for a full bakefest. My contribution to the East End WI tea stall today was a small tray of chocolate nut fudge, recipe courtesy of Nigella - I used the walnuts I had in the cupboard instead of pistachios. Very quick, very easy, very very chocolatey.

After a frazzling week, a little bit of melting, mixing and moulding was incredibly soothing. And I have clearly missed my vocation as a tea-rista because I find the chat, the stirring and the serving behind the counter such a contrast to my normal working days that it is utterly absorbing and relaxing - even though today I managed a spectacular fall down the stairs, sending a plate of Welsh cakes flying with such a crash it brought the church hall to a standstill. That the women who come along manage to find the time to make cakes, hold down jobs, raise families, organise the caravan of urns and plates and teabags and come up with creative ideas for communal get-togethers never ceases to amaze me.

So behind the door of the calendar today, some lovely baking and the fragrance of excellent women.

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