01 December 2008


I thought I'd try to warm myself up for Christmas, set myself a little project to create a pictorial Advent calendar. I thought it might make me focus a little more. So here we have day one - the Pandoro and the hazelnut stars. All of which are waiting on this set of shelves to go down into storage in the cellar. So are the shelves.

You see, I noticed that my neighbour had put these out for recycling and I thought they would go very nicely in my cellar and would encourage me to tidy it out and throw some stuff out. Except there's no room in the cellar until we do actually throw some stuff out. Get the picture? So now we have the shelves waiting in the kitchen by the door, a holding bay for all the things that are meant to go downstairs. And instead of hiding my Christmas supplies away, they are now on display with anything else that needs to be taken its proper resting place. Of course, the temptation is too much. Which is why there used to be a full box of hazelnut stars and now there is only one left. And I am going to eat that as soon as I finish writing this.

This just won't do at all.


emmat said...

Ha ha ha ha I know the feeling

But I love this! I am going to be here every day now boosting your web stats. Honestly I was just feeling a bit miffed about not having an advent calendar and now I do!

The shelves thing, how I identify. Yet I have thrown so much stuff away lately. And even when I throw away relatively useful things (like books I haven't even read yet) I feel better. Because a) you are taking a sort of vote of confidence that your life is still going to be okay in future, that good things will still come your way - but also b) because your life feels emptier, stiller, more open to new things. It is so tricky to balance ourselves. Have to send you this link, though...


it will make you laugh...

colleen said...

Oh, it did - out loud. The story of my life.