11 December 2008

baa humbug

It is probably a bit early to be posting sheep, but I've been thinking about them because, well, we have to have sheep in the advent calendar, don't we. This lady comes from Mudchute Farm. I just love the bits of dried grass and moss in her fleece -and that stoical look on her face. That fleece looks so enticing too. My son used to sleep on a lambskin as a baby - I used to be able to put him down on it and it would work like magic, soothing him into sleep.

A new baby boy arrived in the family today and we are all delighted to have the good news.

Baby boys and sheep. You can't really get more Chrstmassy than that.
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Anonymous said...

Farming relatives of mine had a pet lamb (rejected by its mother) and we'd feed her using a bottle and walk her on a lead. I was about 8 years old. Ever since then I've struggled terribly to eat lamb, and 9 times out of 10 won't. I love sheep.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely sheep! What breed is she?

colleen said...

I wish I knew. I'll catch someone next time I'm down there and ask.