16 November 2008

string quintet

It's pretty quiet on the plot this time of year. Most of the harvesting has been done, but several marigold plants are continuing to bloom in the damp and gloom. There are still some beets, chard and kohlrabi waiting to be pulled and in the garden, sage, marjoram, mint and rosemary are thriving. The mystery brassicas and my late sown saladings - some red mustard, rocket and mizuna - are soldiering on against the ravages of pigeons, magpies and parakeets. Actually, I'm not sure whether the parakeets are responsible and they may have more exotic tastes so perhaps I should not libel them.

The best kept plots already already have young onions, spring cabbage and chinese greens. But other plots are looking a little tired.

And there was no music - just the squeaking of a few wheelbarrows, paths being swept and those thieving birds waiting for us to go home.

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