19 November 2008

november black and white

I have been wearing too much black. I'm not even sure how it happened. I've been trying to lighten up a bit my making sure that even with my summer clothes stored away, I at least have a few bright cardigans and scarves. So I'm not quite sure how I have ended up day after day in such dark colours - black frocks, black skirts, black pants, black coats. If I hadn't splashed out on some extravagantly purple hose (ah, hose, such a lovely word) I would be completely monochromatic.

However....it was the East End WI AGM last night. Monochromatic it was not. Colourful, boozy, surreal even, it was. Two lovely ladies came from the Essex Federation to explain the arcane governance arrangements and how to conduct an orderly AGM. They managed heroically, though I got the impression that they don't have Brazilian themed AGMs with strong cocktails in rural Essex. I hope we don't get excommunicated for misbehaviour.

The Brazil quiz was a cinch with Lucy on our team as she'd spent some time in Rio. So we each got a Morsbag filled with edible Brazilian themed goodies. And just look at those lovely monochromatic ants to help me through the winter.

Things are brightening up.

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Anonymous said...

Stay with black! I love it and wear it all the time. My new kitchen is black. My new cats are black (with white bits, admittedly). I did have a bit of a funny turn yesterday and bought a multi coloured sweater in the M&S sale frenzy, to be greeted at home with "Oh. It's not black". (Interpreted as "Oh dear, mother. Too bright. So not you). I suspect said sweater may be going back.