27 November 2008

lightening up

November is never an easy month and this year it seems to have been long and gloomy and more redolent of loss and decay than it normally is. So here is something a little lighter. It comes from the window of a little newsagent /stationers shop that I rather like in Greenwich.

I love reading home made adverts,. They range from the mundane to the oblique and totally outrageous. You never know what treasures you are going to find there. These are just two of the spoofs posted by a local comedian/ artist. There was also a great "luxury caravan" holiday ad with accompanying polaroid of a 60's brown and buff caravan ( which actually I would have been very happy to spend a holiday in). But the fountain pen ad tickles me most of all. As well it might.

Oh, and I've started buying (and having a glass of) sherry, which is always a sign that Christmas is on its way.


Anonymous said...

I love fountain pens but I don't think I want that one. Hope the Christmas cake turned out as you'd hoped.

emmat said...

those are hilarious! i love them. Oh your whole blog is soooo nice

Anonymous said...

Devon shop windows are awash with home ads - I will pay even closer attention next time I'm in the nearest village (ie one that has shops).

Re Christmas; it's Stone's Ginger Wine that does it for me. My daughter and I love it and, as she is here for a couple of weeks, we might just have to get in a bottle or two sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic fountain pen advert!

ruth and max said...

its an old one but its just made me laugh out loud. indulging on your blog as i don't do social media anymore so came here to get a fix of light reading.


love ruth x