07 November 2008

do leave off

What freakin' dreekin' weather we have been having this week. The flower stalls outside the District Line stations have been the only bright spots in the dark, drizzly evenings. Then, this morning, a sudden fall of leaves overnight and a hint of sunshine lighting up the wet pavements on the walk to the station. Droves of young girls on their way to school tripping along chatting, the leaves sticky with dampness and making patterns against the grey slabs. A solitary man's shoe on the path. A Poem on the Underground. My favourite Russets for sale at the fruit stall.

By the time I got to work the gloom of the last few days had lifted. Lunch of leftover sausage and lentil stew and a walk through Piccadilly (Bates window was full of felt hats after all!), people purposefully going about their business. Later, a glass of red wine to celebrate Friday, drunk at our desks.

On the way home, lamplight shining through the leaves like a Samuel Palmer moon.

I promise - no more autumn leaves.


Anonymous said...

Hasn't autumn been beautiful this year, the foliage I mean. Lovely pics!

Elizabeth said...

Ahh that reminds me of my London memories, as I was there at this time of year. We were living in France at the time,and had to sort out some visa stuff in London,and this is the time of year we were there. This summer we are planning a visit to Bath in the summer, I can't wait!

emmat said...

Ha ha I've been wondering what the technical term was for the rubbish weather, I hadn't realised, Freakin Deakin is it...
Tee hee still smiling about that
AND it's sunny today :-)