12 October 2008

work in progress

There is something deeply satisfying about tidying up the allotment in autumn. More satisfying than doing the hoovering because, at least at this time of year, it tends to stay tidy for a while. Unlike the house.

I know that John gets a great deal of pleasure from seeing the plot dug over, neat and tidy. He was so keen to get cracking this week that he took twenty one bags of compost to the site on hand drawn trolley from the school where he works. Beautiful rich compost, too. Not perfect, because we have to pick out the kids' sweet wrappers that end up in the composted grass clippings, but much better than the poor soil we have inherited. He got an early start today to make the most of the warm weather, digging over the beds to remove the remaining bindweed, spreading the compost, covering up the beds to let the worms get to work.

We have a few things to look forward too over the next couple of months, a few salads in for the winter -red mustard, mizuna, rocket - some overwintering brassicas, chard, beetroot.

I'm not sure about these ginger pigs. I have a nasty feeling that they might be works in progress too.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love the pigs picture! I adore pigs - always have! Holidayed on family farm most years as a kid and there were pigs.