17 October 2008

a wooden plate

I went to the Origins craft fair at Somerset House yesterday evening. I had forgotten that I needed to find a weding present but I found the perfect gift. Well, I know I would think it was the perfect present if it was my wedding.

I am in love with this wooden plate. I was attracted not only by the colour, the density and the texture, but also because it reminded me of a day at the seaside when I took some pictures of shells on the strut of a groyne which had been burnt by a throwaway barbecue. Coincidentally, I watched the film Venus this week and saw Peter O'Toole sit down on the very same burnt -wood groyne.

The maker of the plate lives in Cornwall by the sea, another coincidence because the wedding is in Penzance. So there's a lovely symmetry about the whole thing.

As we were about to leave, we noticed a huge woven tent was being built and we were invited to write about our visit - what we bought, what we were looking forward to - on a ribbon and thread it into the glittery silky, wire structure.

This is my contribution. A wooden plate, a journey, a wedding, joy. I hope.

PS I know the weddingees will not read this so please keep it a secret

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous wedding gift. I'm sure the happy couple will love it. And I promise not to say a word.