09 October 2008

triumph of goodness

There have been celebrations at the local Hindu temple, a feast to mark the triumph of goodness over evil. As I've walked past on my way home from work, there have been women in beautiful saris, chatter, music, deliciously fragrant food. Uplifting.

Yesterday a friend at work brought in a ziggurat of brownies. It was magnificent, and so stunned was I that I forgot to take a photo until today when I got them back out of the filing cabinet, the ones that were left that is.

Thoughtfulness. Kind comments. Small triumphs of goodness.

(And that whiskey worked, thank you.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your mention of the Hindu temple reminds me of what I do miss about London, the proliferation of cultures and experiences. Brownies, however, can be found everywhere and their appeal is universal. Just the thing for the healing process.