19 October 2008

finished goods

We were going to take a trip to the apple festival down at Brogdale this weekend, home of the national apple collection. Not that we are planning to buy an apple tree, we don't have the room, but the sheer variety of apples is wonderful to behold. And cider, of course.

Sometimes, though, you have to recognise that you need to temper your ambitions for the weekend. So much to do and so little time to do it all. We did get out (I'll write about it soon)to the Essex countryside, a little closer to home, and found an alternative supply of apples at the side of the road, 50p a bag.

It was a wise move. Slowing down and pottering around in the kitchen felt like the right thing to be doing today. Bulbs to plant for the new year, bought from the flower market this morning. House leeks to pot on. Playing with the lovely rich compost that those worms have made for us.

And some finished goods to enjoy. Nothing taxing. Just a simple apple crumble...

...and some oat biscuits.

There's lots more - too much - to be getting on with, but at least we'll be well stocked up on some comfort food.


Anonymous said...

That's close to my family home where I grew up!

I love apples and the orchards of Kent.

Those cookies and the apple crumble looked divine!

Anonymous said...

Apple crumble is one of my favourite puds and I could just help myself to a generous portion of that one. With a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oh, now I'm drooling.

VP said...

Brogdale's on my list of places to visit too. It'll need a whole weekend away though, so like you I've restricted myself to appley adventures closer to home for now.

That crumble looks particularly good!