07 September 2008

sunburst and showers

You may be thinking that you have not seen the sun for weeks, but there was a gap in the showers yesterday morning just long enough to get to the allotment and carry out a mini-harvest. The beans are still going strong. The tomatoes are a bit the worse for wear after the wind and rain. But glinting away like hidden treasure are the Sunburst patty pan squash, weaving their way across the plot getting ready for take off. If it doesn't get too cold, they may even last into October.

The rain didn't quite hold off all day which was a shame because it was BowStock, otherwise known as the St Barnabas Community Fete. It was a lovely local local affair, with plenty of stalls and the very best local talent on stage - we even had the Blockheads on the bill. Such a shame it was not sunny because the wind played havoc with the bunting.

But the sedate and unflappable women's cohort of the East End WI under the direction of Ms Le Var were there to cope with the crowds sheltering from the rain, offering warmth and sweetness with a nice cup of tea and..tada.. a hundred bags of biscuits, beautifully and lovingly wrapped.

Delighted to report that the choc chip cookies along with all the other specialities were a sell out.

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