28 September 2008

sea air

To the seaside, then. I've been paying virtual visits to Mersea here and wanted to go back again. Friends own this little green gabled house and we stayed there for a week or so for a couple of summers when my son was young. You could walk along the beach then and get a cup of tea and a bag of sweets at the other little house here, more a shed really and now closed up.

It's always a bit of risk going back to places when you have fond memories of them. Apart from some rather smarter places to eat, little had changed. We sat down with a bacon baguette and a cup of coffee from the cafe down by The Hard and watched kids catching crabs off the jetty, which brought back memories of "crab derbies" when my boy and his mates released the captives from their buckets to scuttle back down the ramp into the water. We strolled across the walkway over the town marsh and snacked on samphire . We bought a small apuntia from a stall at the gate of a house in Seaview Avenue - some of the other plants bought there years ago are now enormous. And a bag of cooking apples from another stall for something puddingy when it gets cooler and wetter later this week.

We finished our day walking across the marshes as the sun started to go down and the damp drew in. And though we didn't really want to, we came home to bed and tried not to be too covetous of that little green gabled seaside house.

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Juliet said...

Hi - thanks for the link, and delighted to land upon your lovely blog. I shall add it to my blogroll and be back again soon. So glad you enjoyed re-visiting the island and found it relatively unchanged and unspoilt.