03 September 2008

daily dahlias no 3

This was my choice at the weekend. The biggest, brightest bunch, starting to look a little tired now. Take a look too at the card on the right. It's a reproduction of a 1936 Jacob Epstein painting, an old birthday card that is only usurped at Christmas for a while before it finds its way back. I checked out the painting and found that it's at the Tate. Apparently, the colours of the flowers were so infectious that having been commissioned to produce only 20 paintings, Epstein carried on to produce hundreds.

I can understand that. As I walked through St James Park today, I noticed the dahlias in the Christopher Lloyd inspired borders. It had been cool in the morning . I'd struggled to find the right clothes to wear for work and felt slightly depressed at the thought of having to put my summer clothes away and find clothes that were more sober and warm.

I just hope we have a few more weeks of percussive dahlias before the nights draw in and the frosts put paid to their over-the-top dress up showiness. And mine.


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Anonymous said...

Your gorgeous dahlias are a very welcome and colourful sight for those of us in the floodstricken West. (Not that we've made headline news.) Entire gardens in our village were devastated in just an hour or so yesterday morning and even those that survived, more or less, are looking very sorry for themselves. We are all living in waterproofs and boots. And it's still raining . . .