01 September 2008

daily dahlia no 1

Brace yourself for three days of dahlia posts. Do Bear with me. It will help to flush my devotion to the humble dahlia, surely the signature flower of allotments, out of my system. These were seen for sale at my local florist. I have not asked but I suspect that they come from Meath Garden allotments round the corner from the shop - where else would such a collection come from?

It's also the feast day of St Fiacre , patron saint of gardeners, on 1st September (in Ireland, and various other days elsewhere). Check out the job description.

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Felicity Ford said...

I was just looking at my Dahlia on Saturday! The tuber we got was a gift from a neighbour and the plant has done OK this year though has struggled for space amongst sunflowers and other joy.

Do I need to lift the tuber and store it for the winter, d'you know?

You can dye with Dahlia.