03 August 2008

white lady

I've been growing vegetables for years so I really should know better. Actually, I do know better, but either I can't find a plant label or a pen to note what I have planted. So, what I thought were calabrese have turned out to be kohlrabi, there is no cavolo nero whatsoever and whether I shall ever have any purple sprouting broccolli remains a mystery. What I do have are more cucumbers than even the coolest among us can deal with - I cut eight yesterday. Yes, eight. I know they are good for you, but there is a limit I suspect to how much molybdenum a body can take in one week.

Then there are the beans. The mixture of warmth and rain is perfect for them and the plot is looking pretty with the lovely red flowers of Lady Di.

I was also expecting to see the creamy flowers of White Lady. Wrong again. I somehow managed to plant two lots of purple beans and I now have not one but two wigwams of them. They do taste good - they're softer than runners with no string - but even so it's an awful lot of purple beans.

I did manage to get the calendulas in the right place, companion planted with tomatoes and whatever those brassicas turn out to be.

I even managed to pick a few to bring home - along with the heaven knows how many beans and members of the cucurbit family.

There was less communing with nature today. We dressed up and went off to a wedding party. And with the beautiful bride, you could stretch it (for the sake of a segue) and say that a white lady turned up after all.

And not quite where you might expect to see her... playing a couple of tunes with the big band.

Makes a change from wedding bells. (And yes, I did have some wedding cake.)

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