27 August 2008

trish is home

I didn't really like to mention that our young cat went missing last week in case it was tempting providence. Our neighbours have been kind and put posters in their windows. There's a poster on the street sweeper's cart (my dad would have done the same, I know). There are posters on the lampposts. Robert at Ye Olde Village Shoppe has put a poster in his window. And I printed off more to post through people's letterboxes.

But she's home now. She'd been locked in the house of a neighbour a couple of doors away while he was away on holiday for the long weekend. He was very apologetic but it was her own fault for being curious.

So we've been celebrating. And we've put up a new poster. Trish is home. Hooray and amen.


Elizabeth said...

Every time you see those posters you hope for a happy ending. It's nice that she is home and that you updated the missing posters to read that she has been found.

Anonymous said...

Have just come across your blog through my friend Kate's Needled site. Our cat Poppy went missing on Friday morning which is so unlike her that I was really worried that something bad must have happened. I was reading about your own cat Trish going missing thinking that I would also print some photos, when my husband told me that he thought he knew where she was. She must have wondered into a classroom (we live and work at an agricultural college) amd been locked in. The caretaker had found 'droppings' when he unlocked the room this morning. Sure enough Poppy came out of her hiding place 'full of hell'. We are absolutely ecstatic and know that we can start to celebrate Christmas now. Your blog is lovely and I'll tune in again.