30 August 2008


It has been so still today, really quiet, the kind of quiet that you get just before a storm because all the birds have stopped singing or whatever. I was sitting reading and looked up just in time to see a yellow butterfly going past but by the time I got out of the front door it had disappeared.

This evening moths have been flying from the garden into the kitchen so I set up a moth trap before I went to bed. Not really a trap, more a lure. I lit a candle in the garden and waited for them to land on the white washing on the line. Not a single one.

It's late now and I've been sitting on the back step thinking how quiet it is still. Then I stopped and listened a bit harder. There was a helicopter hovering above, trains going past, music from a party, the sound of people laughing as they came out of the pub along the road, the cat's claws click clacking across the stones, and underneath it all, the distant hum of traffic on Mile End Road. All that going on yet I had to concentrate hard to hear it all. It's a bit like not hearing your heart beat unless you concentrate. It's always there but you get used to it.

Indoors again, writing this, there is a moth banging itself against the window attracted by the light. Tough. I'm off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Your post made me realise that I haven't spotted one butterfly this summer. Not one. Plenty of moths about, though, and giants at that. Hope you don't mind but I've tagged you over at my blog.