28 August 2008

the spiders have arrived

First question. Why are there more spiders around at the end of summer? I don't understand it. You don't see a single spider all summer and then as soon as the temperatures start to drop they start spinning in the garden. You can see them in the morning with drops of dew glistening on those delicately woven webs, the first sign that autumn is on its way.

Second question. Why do they have such pedestrian names? Garden Spider (here), House Spider, Crab Spider, Zebra Spider. Compare that to all of the exciting names that moths have.

I got my spider book out to check but it didn't offer any insights, though it did describe the dominance of the female of the species, engineering experts, warrior spiders, veritable amazons, jumping, paralysing, biting.

You mustn't be fooled by all that plain jane pretence and their camouflage no-nonsense clothing. They are ruthless in pursuit of their prey.

And you should be thankful that you're not the male of the species.

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Elizabeth said...

That is the coolest looking spider book. I love spiders,and their webs. I'm kind of terrified of the good old black widow though, but I really enjoy a gorgeous web with morning dew on it.