20 July 2008

this week I couldn't resist...

...these coloured pencils, a bargain at £1.49.

I'm trying to keep the consumerism under control - I even managed to resist buying a second hand copy of "Declutter it" on the basis that...well, it's obvious isn't it? But paper, pens and pencils, even sticks of glue - so, so hard to resist. And these ones are triangular which will make it so much easier for my niece to play with them when she pops in for a visit. That's my excuse anyway.

I couldn't resist buying these these scallops though (hope you aren't too put off by their "before" state, I know not everyone is keen) . We had them for for tea yesterday with some samphire. Just sticking my nose into the bag they were packed in was a treat. They only took a few minutes to cook in a gridde pan with a bit of olive oil and tasted so delicious, the scallops sweet, sweet, sweet and the samphire like saltwater marshes. If I can't get to the sea, then the sea is just going to have to come to me.

Just in case that's a bit much for you, I'll leave you with these hollyhocks. I've been going past them for weeks on my way home from my mum's. There are three houses in a row with these growing in the front gardens in a terrace on Commercial Road, one of the the busiest main roads into London from the east. They've been blown around by the winds we've been having and are a little the worst for wear, but I love the way they encapsulate that deep seated desire for a country garden and fly in the face of what you might expect to see in the east end.

Irresistably cheering.


j said...

love scallops

those are beautiful hollyhocks- gardens are a gift to everyone

Elizabeth said...

I don't think I could resist those pencils either!:) I would like to try those scallops also!