07 July 2008


You may recall that we were rather hoping that our new allotment would have a garden full of sunflowers. No such luck. We had the soil analysed a couple of weeks ago and found out that it was seriously deficient in nitrogen, potassium and phosphates. All of which might explain why everything has taken so long to get going and why, of the three separate sowings of sunflowers since March, we have only about seven or eight flowers coming through.

Now I know that sunflowers are considered by some to be a little unsubtle and in your face. Indeed they are, and that is what I love about them. They shout at you and demand attention. I had to buy some to see me through this unseasonal weather - English sunflowers from the flatlands of Lincolnshire, slightly wobbly, imperfect, different shapes and sizes. I'll think of the fields of them this week, bending in the wind, waiting until they can turn towards the sun when it finally comes out again. Which it will. Soon. And we'll all be able to tournesol.

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Elizabeth said...

All summer long I have sun flowers in a special vase in my living room. Our local Whole Foods grocery store sells them for quite cheap,so I by them until at least September. They scream summer don't they?