29 July 2008

sliding doors

Out there somewhere is a lovely little blog called three beautiful things written by someone who clearly has the makings of a saint. I was musing on this as I was counting up the number of things that had irritated me today.

First I dropped my bag as I was getting off of the train (OK, I was reading the paper at the time and I should have known better). My Oyster card, keys, diary spilled out all over the floor. Then as I walked towards the station exit, the local community police were blocking our paths as they stood over a young man while he opened up his suitcase exposing all his dirty washing. (Is it absolutely necessary to demonise and harass young men every day? No wonder those boys are angry.) As I came out of the station, I crossed the road muttering to myself like a mad woman, defiantly ignoring the traffic, only to be bibbed by one of the cars at the crossing. Aaaargh!

Let's re-run that. I got off the train in time because two kind young people helped me pick everything up so I didn't miss the stop. And that bibbing car? He drove round the block and caught me on the corner - it was an old friend who I haven't seen for a few years, a really lovely surprise. I arrived home calmer. My supper was waiting , chilled borscht, homegrown and homemade.

I could probably find a few more beautiful things if I tried harder, but three will do nicely for now.


j said...

lovely post.

yup, it's all attitude...mostly :)

Elizabeth said...

That was a nice link you referenced to. 3bt ....it's nice to think that way!