14 July 2008

mire escape

You know how it is some Mondays. Pile of papers on your desk, sun shining for the first time in weeks and you have to wade through words (emails actually, but you get the picture). I needed to get out so come lunchtime I went over the road to St James 's Park and ate my salad (potatoes suitably home grown) sheltering behind the Jerusalem artickes in the Dig for Victory enclosure. It was very pleasant indeed.

A few yards away is this "cottage orne" with a rather esteemed history. Just think how lovely it would be to have a nice little sinecure as the Governor of Duck Island or Mistress of the Dutch Hoe, whatever. A hop, skip and a jump to work and home again to play farms and country life, with the Queen and Prime Minister down the road if you need to borrow some sugar or milk.

I woke up and went back to work.

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