04 July 2008

independence day

So. On the way home this evening I thought I might stop off at Benjamin Franklin House. It's in Craven Street, on my route home between Trafalgar Square and Embankment station. I've been meaning to look in for some time. Not only had I missed the champagne celebration but it was closed.

I've had my eye on this house for a little while because the shutters are painted the same colour as mine. Shallow I know, But now I've looked a bit closer, I think that Ben Franklin might be my kind of hero. He invented bifocals for a start and although I'm not there yet, I'm sure I'll come to it one day. He is believed to have developed the Franklin Stove, driven by his "desire to attain a greater degree of domestic comfort". A sentiment after my own heart. And he refused to patent his inventions believing that they should be there for others to benefit. Such spirit.

So I carried on homewards and visited my aunt on the way. She came out of hospital a few weeks ago and, despite having been very poorly, she insisted on going back to her own house rather than staying with one of her girls. It' such a treat to have a few hours of her to myself. She has always been patient, loving and kind, the perfect auntie. We had a long gossip. My final sighting was of her waving to me as she whizzed away upwards on her stair lift.

As I was walking down my street there was a large, loud, young man on his mobile. I could not help overhearing the conversation. And to challenge notions about brash young men, he was speaking about his granny really affectionately and saying how hard it was to help her with her decorating, how independent she was.

So here's to liberty, dignity, independence, domestic comfort, inventions for the greater good. For everyone. Everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post and particularly the last bit, which hit home. I've witnessed my remaining parent lose independence and comfort(both physical and spiritual) over recent months which has been very hard - for both of us.