13 July 2008

...and a little local colour

It is the season of school fetes, open air concerts and, here in Mile End, the local dog show. So if you were in Mile End Park today you would have seen sights like this...

...and this......and this, as people made their way to the Dog Show. These ladies loved showing off their pets but I was less confident about asking other owners to pose - there were some big old boys around that looked like they would just as soon eat you as smile for the camera. The dogs weren't quite as scary.

This poor old boy, panting for breath from years of misguided breeding, managed a grin.

And the ladies of the WI gritted their teeth, overcame their nerves and served tea and cakes with great grace and, dare we say, doggedness.

Village life London style. More another day.

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j said...

a sweet melding of country ways/city life.