15 June 2008

some brighter moments

I read somewhere recently that Barbara Pym left more than 80 notebooks, now in the Bodleian, of jottings and observations on daily life. Things she had overheard, seen, thought about. I have never been disciplined enough to keep a log of things that take my fancy but since I started writing this, and taking my camera out with me everyday, I have become much more aware of everyday events, seen and heard. Last week, for example, I was concentrating quite hard on the weather forecast, so I knew whether I needed a brolly (how English is that?). On Thursday the weather man said that it would be breezy and cool with sunny intervals. My non-work day and perfect weather for reading academic literature without wishing to be somewhere else. On Friday, he ended the forecast with the optimistic and uplifting observation that there would be "some brighter moments." Here are mine for the last few days.

On Thursday, I opened the door to John to be given a bunch of flowers - a driver had backed into one of his garden s and knocked down some hollyhocks.

Later on, my son asked if he could borrow my camera. He'd bumped into a friend and they had discussed what they were going home to eat and they agreed that they would email a photo to each other. This is his photo of what he made for himself - note the basil garnish and the surgical scissors used to cut it. I'm not sure why it should strike me as so funny. After all, I'm always taking photos of food. It's the thought of two young men having a conversation about baked beans I suppose.

On Friday I wore my poppy red coat for work

And today, while I was waiting for the number 8 bus to take me shopping, I noticed these mystery poppies growing among the rubbish at the bottom of a tree near the bus stop.

Later on, down at Mudchute, it was warmer and brighter than the forecast day had promised. Beans are climbing up poles, the young leeks are flourishing, and after a long wait, the beetroot is finally putting on some growth.

The peas are coming on nicely. And the Catalgna cut-and-come again lettuce in all their architectural magnificence are almost too pretty to pick.

Now the weather forceast for this week is not so good - cool with showers. I'm off to the May Ball on Tuesday. I'll take the camera and tell you all about it when I get back.

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