01 June 2008

never again

Remember this from the beginning of May - a holiday postcard from one of John's school gardens in Cable Street.
It grew into this 12 foot giant and flowered. I went to visit it yesterday evening.

It is a type of desert agave known as a furcaea - we think that this one is a furcraea longaeva, reknowned for flowering as high as 40 feet in the their native Mexico. It has the prettiest light blue green flowers tumbling down which are supposed to last for some while.

It caused quite a stir here. The local newspaper sent a photographer to take a picture.

Then that's it. Little plantlets will fall off the plant and it will die, never to flower again.

And guess what? I was up at five this morning to check on the damage after last night's party. There had been a half hearted attempt at tidying up - it took several more hours. I thought I might take a photo of the mess, but I couldn't bear to be reminded. I won't forget though. Never again.


The Panther...fastest animal on earth said...

Perhaps Mess in Urbis?

Elizabeth said...

That is one amazing plant! Gorgeous flowers!!!!