11 May 2008

seaside blues ...and other stuff

I'm already missing being beside the sea and I've only been back a day. There is something completely soporific about the sound of the tide coming in. It's the sound I conjure up in my head when I'm in my yoga class during the relaxation session (and you thought I went for the exercise?). I can go into a trance like state just looking out to sea, especially on those hazy days when you can't quite tell where the line is between the sea and the sky, like it was yesterday.

I always go to the same bit of the beach and as the tide creeps in between the groynes, it creates a kind of amphitheatre effect which changes the acoustics somehow making it more intimate, as if you already know the other people on the beach. Children play together, conversations strike up, everyone is relaxed.

One of the best things about this seaside town is that it isn't just pretty, pretty. It has a small working harbour and all the accoutrements that go with it. So you find things like this...

and this..
and this.Now why should all that make me feel even more at home? And remind me that I ought to think about taking up knitting some time.

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