28 May 2008

rough in urbis

Sometimes bad stuff happens. I didn't mention that my son was mugged the other day on the way home from a friend's house. It was around three o'clock in the morning and he had his i-pod snatched by someone charging by on a bike. He has been angry about it for days, blaming himself for not being alert. The irony is that he had been stopped and searched himself - for the third time in a month - a few days earlier, just round the corner from where we live. Not much fun for him and a complete waste of time for the police,who, incidentally, had the cheek to tell him he was lucky.

We've had a bit of a run of crime lately. Just a few weeks earlier a stranger called at our house claiming to have been sent to measure our rooms. Unfortunately my son let him in; fortunately he stayed with him all the time so, as far as we know, nothing was stolen. But it was not nice to know that a con-man had gained entry. Then this morning I got in the car only to find that someone had stolen my side mirror. Not sure why, maybe it was just gratuitous vandalism, maybe it's gone to a new home. I know it'll cost me a lot to get it fixed and not be worth losing my no-claims bonus. What a pain.

Somtimes these tales of theft have an element of comedy. About six weeks ago, someone stole from my car two incredibly heavy bags of coins that I'd been given by my brother for charity. I must have left the car unlocked. The thief had checked out the glove box, kindly left my manual, taken my Corinne Bailey Rae CD, but left the others - including two by Amy Winehouse. Did he not approve of her music? Or her druggy lifestyle? And were his arms aching from carrying those 20lb bags of coins by the time he got home? Did he spend the money bit by bit? (Even that tale does not compare with the out-of-his-head young man I found asleep in my car on a Sunday morning a couple of years ago who, when asked what he was doing replied "Trying to steal your car". I politely told him to get out as I was off to my yoga class. Which he did. He did leave a gold ring in the car, though.)

Then, to top it all, to put the very lid on the pot, those slimy, butter-would-not-melt-in-their-mouth snaily vandals have somehow managed to get into my mini greenhouse and eat the tops off three of my baby cucumbers. I know I should have put salt round the bottom.

So bad stuff happens. It isn't "mommy blog" wonderland here. Life goes on.

I find green very soothing in these circumstances.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your's is quite charming, and I see not visited quite enough!! We had a weird theft happen to us when we lived in France four years ago. The story is quite long,but long and short of it was, that four men accosted my husband in the garage of our home and stole the car. They found it a month or two later with nothing wrong with it and they filled up the tank of gas! They did steal my husbands wallet and nice pen though. Also, it was the night of my oldest daughters Prom for her high school. So, they were lucky they didn't get hurt!! Weirdos out there huh?! I'll visit you again soon.