13 May 2008

in the sticks

At this time of the year, the allotment really starts to show its potential. After all that scheming and planning, you can suddenly begin to see how it's shaping up and whether you are going to have enough space to fit in everything in that you want to grow. (The answer, of course, is no.) The trouble is that it is tempting to cram everything in, so you need to mark out the space that you will need. So you end up with sticks everywhere - sticks in wigwams, sticks in geometrical formations, sticks marking out the soon-to-be rows of vegetables.

If you are interested in the master plan, this is what is already planted and what will be going in soon. Quite different from how it looked back in February, much better than it looked in October - and it will change quickly in the next few weeks as the days lengthen and the weather warms up.

The last few evenings have been perfect for pottering around, still warm but with enough of a breeze to make the trees swish and swirl, the light soft as the sun sets, just right for some undemanding watering.

An important part of the ritual is just sitting and admiring the view, seeing in your mind's eye what it will look like in a few weeks time. Helped along with this hoppy, aromatic, toffee-tasting beer, worth buying just for the little bees on the bottle-tops.

And the scent of sage to help with the thinking you need to do the next day.

Hard to believe that Canary Wharf is just a walk away.

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