16 May 2008

the early worm...or two

It's unusual for the post to arrive while we're still drinking our breakfast coffee. "Our worms!" We won our Wiggly Wigglers wormery in the raffle at the East End WI Christmas Party last year (you couldn't make this up, could you?) and we finally got round to setting it up and sending off for our starter pack of worms last week. So here they were, a new addition to the family - a box of worms beautifully packaged, and carefully labelled for the avoidance of doubt "urgent, live worms". I daresay they couldn't wait to get them out of the sorting office.

I did think of posting up a picture of the heaving mass but I thought I would spare you. Suffice to say that they appeared to be in good health and seemed to settle into their new home. Setting up is easy - layer of damp coir, vegetable waste and coffee grounds, a damp coir mat to keep them in and you're away. Or rather they are. I've been reading various websites about what works and what doesn't - they don't like citrus or onion waste, you must make sure it doesn't get too wet or too dry, add in shredded paper to give a good texture, try to keep the fruit flies down, don't add too much waste in one go.

I'm sure we'll get in the swing of things. We thought we had our first fatalities when we drained off some liquid today and found several sad looking little fellows in the sieve. they seemed to revive. Now, I'm getting more used to handling them, which must be a good thing. Apparently it takes several weeks for the waste to rot down, and much, much longer for the worms to produce any compost. In the meantime, we can drain off the excess liquid and use it as a plant feed.

So much excitement in one week. I'll let you know how they get on.

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