19 May 2008

and when she got there the cupboard was full

And the fruit bowls. In fact, I have been accused in the past of having a serious stock control problem. So I have been going through one of my occasional "eating through the cupboards" weeks - lots of beans, rice and pasta, tinned sardines. The worms will be able to tuck into the out of date flour and cereals which were lurking around. And I shall drink my way through the packets of exotic teas while I sit at my table working my way through the benefits of mentoring.

Apparently, oranges and their ilk are high on the list of fruits we throw away each year. I suspect that I know why. Firstly, they look so enticing on the fruit stall, so sunny, so very orange, so good for you.

So you buy them. You get them home and they look pretty as a picture for a while.

But unless you buy those easy peeling types, you can't always be bothered to to get your fingers sticky. So they get past their best and before you know it you've bought another lot. And why would you want to eat last week's oranges when you can eat fresh ones? Same with lemons. I try to eat as many as I can, but some weeks I have to give in. I have a solution though - as they move towards the mummification stage, they go into the fireplace to dry off until winter comes around again .

They'll make lovely firelighters come December. Meanwhile I'll try a little harder to curb my citrus addiction and concentrate more on looking like this

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Valentine Low said...

I have just got round to checking out your blog, and I love it already. The pictures in particular are wonderful.