25 May 2008

an afternoon in Paradise

I spent a lot of my childhood wanting to be like the children in story books. And while it never bothered me that my mum went out to work and my dad did not wear a trilby, I could not understand why the circus never came to town like it did in my Janet and John books, with elephants marching down the street. Some things you never get over. Now I get a little excited whenever the circus stops by near us. There may not be elephants these days, but there are angels gliding around, helter skelters, laughing hot dogs, people dancing their socks off.

This was Paradise Gardens. And the excellent women of the East End WI were there to do the teas in the Tea Dance tent.

Which meant that I spent Friday morning making four dozen rock cakes, this morning making another 3 dozen, and this afternoon working on the tea stall.

And you know what? It was fantastic. The dancing was stupendous, people of all ages joined in and because it was so chilly, people kept coming back for more teas and cakes. The lamingtons seemed to induce the most ecstatic response for some reason. It was a sell out.

I’ve hung up my apron for the day. But if this is what Paradise is like, count me in.

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purejuice said...

i love the saga of your east end WI enrollment. i hope you're still attending. i love hearing about it.