08 April 2008

time travel

I thought it was Wednesday today, the time of the week that I normally wonder whether it's nearly Friday. Unfortunately, it's only Tuesday. I wonder whether something similar was going on in the head of whoever named this street, along the lines of "I wish I was somewhere else".

Thermmopylae Gate is a little street on the Isle of Dogs, just opposite Millwall Park and not the site of the Battle of the Three Hundred in Greece. Get the picture? It's full of small houses, known locally as the "lead houses" (not quite sure why - did people working in the local lead works live there?). Apart from the giveaway 4x4s dotted around the place, there is bit of a 50s feel about the place - net curtains hedges around the front gardens, kids playing out in the street. Anachronistic in every sense.

Here is my favourite, though. It is a short cobbled street which runs between a piece of parkland at Stepney Green and Stepping Stones Farm. For a long time there were pre-fabs down there, long after most of them had disappeared around the borough, and it had a bit of a country feel about it. I used to make a point of passing through when I cycled home from work and it's still one of my preferred routes to my mum's house. It's close to St Dunstan's church, which has some of the oldest church fabric in Britain, so maybe there is a ley line thing around that makes it attractive.

Welcome to my virtual spiritual home.

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