27 April 2008

reward policy

I've decided that I need a reward policy - for myself. I've already given notice to the bookclubs that I belong to that I won't be back in circulation until the end of September. But it can't be all penance and no pleasure, so I'm scheduling in some rewards. When I got home last week, these were waiting for me. I'm trying to pace myself but they're hardly what you would call a heavy read and they won't last very long, even if I ration myself.

Actually, the Jane and Prudence cover is a bit deceiving . Very Prudence, but not very Jane. She wears the sort of tweed coat that you would "wear to feed the chickens in". I have a coat like that myself which comes out now and then for gardening and such.

I've just noticed that Virago is publishing a hardback version of Excellent Women, clearly above the Whipple Line, on May 8th, so that can be part of my incentive plan. Then there's always a square or two of 78% chocolate (courtesy of Lidl) to keep me going.

I just can't help thinking I'm going to have to come up with a few more rewards if I'm going to last out until September otherwise I'll be hitting the advocaat in sheer desperation.

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