29 April 2008


I went down to meet John at the plot on Sunday afternoon (remember? before it got cold and started to rain again). He was not there and I was locked out because we are too mean to pay £20 for a second key. The allotment site is surrounded on the south side by a bit of a levee, which makes it all secret and nooky. Unless you walk along the ridge, you never get to see this view of our eccentricly constructed (and clearly Prospect Cottage inspired) shed against the backdrop of Canary Wharf a few hundred yards away which just goes to show how special it is.

Or this slightly Celtic arrangement of granite setts.

Or this sun spurge growing wild on the bank.

And when I popped round to see one of his school gardens nearby I found this little self seeded calendua.

All of which stopped me from being grumpy.

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