08 March 2008

the unexpected

A day full of surprises.

10.30 - looking north, Mile End Park, approach to the Green Bridge which crosses the A11. So many daffodils being buffetted about by the wind.

12.36 - another treat on the way to the Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green, a jumble sale in a church hall. Booty: two books and a little galvanised watering can for an apprentice gardener.

13. 15 - and for John, a piece of home made bread pudding and a cup of tea. I abstained because...

15.30 ...I had tea and tart at Patisserie Valerie. The birthday ranunculus (ranunculi?) I bought my friend were an unexpected match for her embroidered coat.

20:00 - Outside the Tate Modern, Prouve's Maison Tropicale, a kit building for the tropics, on the banks of the chilly Thames. And inside, Duchamp, interested in shirts and sheets blowing on lines (moving sculptures) too.

21:45 Walking home from Mile End station, a young woman in front of us leapt with a small scream. A frog on the pavement - safely placed over a garden wall by our local hero.

Biggest surprise - that I am still awake.

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