13 March 2008

the sound of water

It amazes me how many tourists visit Trafalgar Square. There is not much to recommend it - it's not pretty, the view to Westminster is unremarkable and the monuments little more than monumental (at least for the moment). Cars and buses and bikes charge past going north through Charing Cross or east towards the Strand. Commuters criss cross from Charing Cross station. It's bustling and busy on all the pavements. But when I cut aross the south side in the morning to get to my office, if I listen hard I can isolate the sound of the water cascading from the fountains into the pools. I don't even have to stop, just concentrate. And it is absolutely lovely, just long enough, the time it takes to walk from one side to the other.

Then tonight walking home in the lamplit half darkness, the patter of the drizzly rain on my new, taut brolly was soft and gently comforting, like being inside a tent.

No pictures,today - I could not catch it. You'll have to close your eyes and listen if it's raining where you are. Or use your imagination.

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j said...

this sounds like bliss, too