18 March 2008


We undererestimate the community power of the office. After we visited Bede House last month we wanted to show a little solidarity and support for the people we spent the day with, hence - roll of drums - cakearama. It was amazing. With the energy of the newly converted (in this case to baking) Alison organised us to bake cakes to raise some funds for Bede. This is the kind of fundraisng I like. No sweat, no punishing months of training, just an evening in relaxing over a Kenwood mixer and running a greedy finger around the bowl to test the products . Voila, beautiful, delicious cake. OK, so there was a bit of washing up to do, but well worth the deferred gratification, not just from eating, but the pleasure everyone got from showing off their efforts and joining in a feast.

And after an afternoon of being caked -out, it was good to share the burdens of the office with the two Johns. The uncharacteristically gentlemanly young John...

who had been cooking himself and provided home-made pizza for tea. And his more earthy father.

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