18 February 2008

Weather Girl

I am a little obsessive about the weather. I don't know whether this particular idiosyncracy is the result of some genetic defect, or down to spending a couple of years working in the open when I was younger. Now I rush to be near a radio at three minutes to the designated hours of 7, 8, 1,and 6 and shush everyone in earshot when the weather forecast comes on so that I know what to expect. I am rarely awake to hear the first forecast of the day, though I can attest to its superiority. For the real farmers I suppose.. The most comprehensive forecast is on Sunday during gardener's questiontime on Radio 4, but that requires the utmost concentration as it is longer than usual. I simply cannot understand why it is so easy to drift off during a 2 minute (or is it 90 seconds?) forecast, something hypotic abut the clouds, points of the compass and temperature that lulls the senses. One minute they are talking about the wind on the west coast of Scotland, and the next thing you know it's rain in Cornwall and you have no idea what is going to happen in East London.

Now here is a conundrum. I woke up a little earlier than usual today, around 6.30, and the bedroom was suffused with the light of a rosy dawn. Red sky at morning, shepherds warning etc... But the man from the Met Office spoke of a fine and particularly dry day after a frosty start. And he was right. So what exactly was it those shepherds had to be worried about today then?

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