24 February 2008

No Rush

Spring was most definitely in the air today. For a start, it was a perfect drying day, warm and windy but not so much that the washing tangled on the line. The daffodils I bought on Saturday were almost completely out. If it was possible, we might even claim to be suffering from a surfeit of spring flowers as we still have several bowls of hyacinths filling the house with their scent.

But down at Mudchute, our bulbs were much slower to show off. Just as well, because we had to move them today to make way for the potato patch. It's my own fault. I had not quite decided where everything was to go and had rashly bought crocuses, tulips and narcissus which had to be planted somewhere. Digging them up today to transplant, it was apparent that, in spite of the warmth in the air, the soil was cold and wet under the dry and barren looking surface. Plenty of earthworms though, which must be a good sign. The bulbs were moved to the new garden patch to join a rhubarb crown we had brought from our old Manor Gardens plot, planted yesterday. By teatime, the patch was marked out with some lawn edging and the rhubarb put under a forcer in the hope that we'll soon have some delicate pink stems for a crumble or tart . I know it looks a bit lacklustre just now, but part of the pleasure is being able to see in your mind's eye what it will look like in the future. And, unlike Capability Brown, you only need to wait a few months rather than years for the vision to be realised.

It will be a few more weeks before we can put our potatoes in the ground. I know lots of plotholders opt for planting on Good Friday, probably because it is a day off of work. Our seed potatoes arrived this week and have only just been put to chit, so 21st March may be a little early. We'll have to be patient and see what happens.

And I think it will be a few more weeks before we'll give up on hot suppers, candlelight and snuggling up on the sofa with the cats, now that they are on speaking terms with us again. It's amazing what compromises are possible when someone else yields power over your next meal. So, I'm off to iron a couple of shirts while I wait for mine.

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Calamity Jane said...

I am so glad that the cats have come to their senses. You make me feel ok about coming back to London...