03 February 2008

The new plot

This is our new allotment. New to us. Our old allotment is now buried under the Olympic site. But life moves on. Our new plot is on Mudchute Farm. It does not have the same unique beauty as Manor Gardens but, like most alloment sites, it has a certain quirkiness of its own. And being on the biggest city farm in Europe it has the advantage of being close to what is probably the largest pile of manure to be found in London. It may look a bit bleak now, but it's a big improvement on how it looked in October - covered in couch grass, compacted cracked soil, dips and bumps where half hearted attempts had been made to tidy it up. It won't take long to have it looking as good as the old plot, believe me.

And when the going gets tough, there is always the marvellous Mudchute Kitchen where you can treat yourself to the mainstay of every rus in urban - the farmhouse breakfast. As you can see here...

And ten minutes later.

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Anonymous said...

this has been recommended over at "needled" and i'm starting at the beginning.
you limeys and your baked beans for breakfast. YOW