07 February 2008

In a brown study

For some reason I have been wearing a lot of brown and a lot of cardigans this year. Even when it's poshed up and called "bitter chocolate" or some such, brown remains a comforting colour, one that a sensible vicar's wife or librarian would have worn fifty years ago. Not that there is anything wrong with that. In "Crampton Hodnet", Barbara Pym conjures up the churchy academic life of North Oxford where ladies companion Jessie Morrow is torn between her sensible brown marocain with the beige collar and a blue velvet ( she chooses the racier blue velvet). Well, I had a brown day today. It's been a long week and brown wool was what I needed. How tired it looks at the end of the day

Very Jessie Morrow. But then I wonder whether Miss Morrow had quite such an irregular pair of shoes to cheer her up.

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