10 February 2008

Grand Designs.

Traditionally, birds start their wooing on St Valentine's day. It seems to have started a little earlier this year. On our walk to the market across the park yesterday we saw a pair of thrushes and a pair of swans getting ready for their honeymoon. Or maybe it was a second honeymoon.
Down at the allotment it was the mating call of the hammer, saw and rotovator as people were energised into, well, whatever it was. We, of course, are a little late as we have had to spend the last few months clearing years of neglect. For us it was the satisfying clunk of york stones as we started to lay the paths for our raised beds. We brought the stones from our Manor Gardens plot - they had been collected over a number of years and were too precious for bulldozing. Other plotholders have been eyeing us up curiously and can't quite figure out why we are using up so much precious space with paths. But I'm hoping for a patchwork effect of different plants and colours.

We still have have more to do on the shed- a stovepipe perhaps if we are serious about making a cup of tea.

In the meantime we had to walk down to Mudchute Kitchen. Even the sheep were delighted to be out and about on such a beautiful day. Somehow these sheep, with their shaggy locks even manage to look like urban sheep. I just love the idea that a stone's throw away from the builders and cranes at Canary Wharf sheep safely graze.

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purejuice said...

started reading from the beginning. i love that you brought the stones from under the olympic stadium.